For years, I have been dreaming of contributing to Sierra Leone to help re-build this beautiful country. There is so much to be done. The last few years I started a project called 'Light Salone', with the aim of providing small-scale renewable energy to rural areas in Sierra Leone. We are a team of 10 people working passionately to innovate, with low-cost engineering solutions

In 2017 I was awarded Innovator of the year in Sierra Leone by the UNDP for my work on electricity. Over the years I have being working on providing electricity for my community through innovative ways of recycling waste material to valuable energy machines that can generate electricity for homes and small businesses.

My work includes the following: hydro generator built from spoons with an output of 220Volts; fuel free generator with an output of 300watts; a solar book for students living in remote environments to study and access electricity using our solar book; a Wind mill built from scraps; Energy saving stove for home uses; Power banks for charging Laptops, phones etc; generating electricity from vegetables like,tomatoes, potatoes, orange, lemons with an output of 5Volts to charge your phone and light up LED bulbs. All these are built from recycling materials which makes them cheap to build and more accessible in our scarce rural environment.

If you have experience and ideas of how to scale this type of technology, do get in touch - it's always great to speak and learn from other entrepreneurs!

Please see my Youtube channel for examples of past projects that we hope to professionalise and scale, like we did with the So Wind (solar + wind turbine).

Risks and challenges
The main risk and challenge of the project is to make it financially successful. It is always challenging to turn a prototype into a model that pays for itself sustainably. 
I currently have a strong network of mentors and supporters who are helping me both with the technical aspects of the project as well as the business and financial planning. I will work hard with them to develop a sustainable model for the future that will allow me to scale beyond the individual projects, to a self-funding business that provides electricity.

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