The purpose of the meeting was to get the group together to discuss, brainstorm and plan on how the renewables salone website can be:

  • Updated with contents
  • Usable by the sector
  • Sustained in the long run

The meeting was hosted by by Ngozi Obi, the communications and public relations officer for Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission.

The chairperson of the meeting Ngozi Obi, welcomed all on behalf of the working group. She said that she is happy for the large turnout of people and encourage everyone to work together and move the group forward.

Foday Sheku Dumbuya stated the purpose of the meeting and gave a brief background of this Renewables Salone Platform. The platform was developed by EnDev for the sector and therefore, everyone involved in the sector is encouraged to contribute, share content and take active ownership of the site.

An introduction of the Renewables Salone platform was done by Lamin Andrew Kamara. He explained the structure of the site and the various menu options. He demonstrated how to register as a stakeholder ( and also how to subscribe to the Newsletter ( He urged all stakeholders who are not already part of the “who is who” gallery to submit their pictures and images so that they can be added.

Members of the working group were divided into different sub groups with assigned task/responsibilities. The sub groups were: site popularisation team, institutions to host meetings, team to set content and team to publish or add content.

The next meeting was adjourned to the 12/06/2019 and new members are welcome to join. If interested, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.