Renewables Salone as part of its website working group held a one day Joomla content training on Wednesday 29th May, 2019 at the GIZ Country Office for participants interested to add content to the platform.

The purpose of the training was to get participants up to speed with Joomla i.e. the platform on which the website is built.

Although Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) and is mostly easy to follow, it can be difficult for beginners. Hence the need for the training

Participants were drawn from different institutions wanting to learn how to create and publish articles on the website.

The training started with a brief introduction about joomla followed by hands-on exercises based on the following topics

  • Brief introduction about Joomla
  • How to add a new article
  • Adding images
  • Adding Videos
  • Adding links, categories and tags
  • Formatting an article including adding read more
  • Saving an article
  • Editing an existing article
  • How to create and send Newsletters

At the end of the training, participants were able to create, edit and publish articles on the website and also send test Newsletters.