Kofi Macauley, president of the Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) has on Monday 22nd July 2019 paid a courtesy call to GIZ/EnDev an Energy Access program promoting sustainable access to modern energy services globally.

The purpose of his visit was to acquaint himself with the activities of GIZ/EnDev in the country and to identify areas in which GIZ/EnDev and REASL can strengthen collaboration.

Since the inception of REASL, GIZ/EnDev has provided them with a shared office space as part of the program’s support to the renewable energy sector in Sierra Leone.

In their introduction, the GIZ/EnDev team thanked him for such a kind gesture benefitting from one of his first visits as president. They went further to highlight some of the activities they are engaged in. The activities include

  • Quality and sustainability in Solar Installations
  • Sustainable markets for Pico PV
  • Outreach, Marketing and Awareness
  • Solar Dryers for Cocoa Farmers
  • Promoting Improved cook stoves
  • Renewable Energy Capacity Building and
  • Digital solutions for Renewables which includes a mobile app for data collection and a web portal (www.renewables-salone.info)

In his response, the president said that GIZ/EnDev is doing quite well but he has some reservations about their exit strategy (if any exists) and methodology. He urged GIZ/EnDev to capacitate REASL so that they will be able to achieve sustainability in case GIZ/EnDev is gone. He said most donor projects are finished after the implementing partners are gone and therefore will be more pleased if more local organizations are equipped with the required capacities to handle activities in the long run. He mentioned some areas where EnDev can improve on implementation

  • GIZ/EnDev should try to channel their work through REASL
  • Identify areas where RE concept could be taken to (Identify IPPs using diesel/petrol generators to supply electricity in rural communities and create awareness about RE (Solar))
  • Empower REASL to collect data
  • Data should be centrally accessible via REASL – REASL should be the first stop for investors wanting to speak with someone on the ground? Most businesses are afraid to release data because of competition and there was no clear system in place
  • GIZ/EnDev have only installation data for systems but some of these systems GIZ/EnDev have data for may not even be working. GIZ/EnDev need to vet the data collected from partners.
  • After long deliberations,possible collaboration points were identified. These include
  • TV and Radio programs (awareness campaigns)
  • REASL and EPA are working a recycling plants (start as a collection depot) and would want GIZ/EnDev to support (expertise)
  • REASL companies to benefit from training programs (generally and specifically). GIZ/EnDev should provide trainings to companies that request through REASL.

A meeting in the future between both parties was agreed upon and photographs climaxed the end of the meeting.