Sierra Leone's best wind velocities indicate a country-wide average of between 3 m/s and 5 m/s, increasing to approximately 8 m/s in some mountainous areas (Metrological Statistics, 2012). There is some indication that wind speeds of 12 m/s are possible in parts of the country, implying that wind energy could be a viable option in selected locations. Wind farms are for instance possible at certain locations such as along the coast line, at sea near the coast line and at some locations in the country.

With the low wind speed turbines now available in the market, there is a strong potential for the use of these systems in the rural areas especially in the north of the country. There is a known wind energy system of 5kw in Sierra Leone, located in the Bonthe District, along the south coastline area. Source: Renewable Energy Policy of Sierra Leone.

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