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Aptech Africa Ltd

Aptech Africa Ltd., founded in 2006, is Africa’s Solar Energy and Water Pump Specialist. It provides complete service with assessments, designs, supply and installation, and after sale services. It continued to grow due to its ability to provide outstanding service, warranty, and competitive pricing with large stock of products. Aptech Africa is a fully registered company fully operating in several African countries including Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, Central Africa Republic and Eritrea. Solar applications include solar water pumps, solar water heating, power supply, portable solar kits, solar street/security lights and solar powered refrigerators. Aptech Africa will soon be introducing its own solar products brand called Aptech Solar.
Established in 2011 in the UK as a renewable energy project development company their social business model is based on identifying local energy needs, sourcing the international expertise, technology and finance to deliver the most cost efficient solutions that create local capacity building and job opportunities.

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Water, sanitation and flood protection
Solar Installations


Aptech Africa Ltd
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