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We Care Solar is a non-profit organization based in California dedicated to improving maternal health care in health facilities through access to renewable energy. We Care Solar envisions a world where women around the world survive childbirth, obtain life-saving care without unnecessary delays, and give birth with dignity in well-equipped, well-lit health facilities.

Since 2010, We Care Solar has designed technology and developed programs to bring compact rugged solar electric systems – We Care Solar Suitcases - to under-resourced health centers. To date, more than 3,800 health centers in Africa and Asia have been equipped with this technology.

Solar Suitcases replace candles and kerosene lanterns with bright, efficient LED lights, and provide electricity for phone charging, fetal monitoring and small medical devices, enabling health workers to provide life-saving care. Solar Suitcases are designed to be safe, robust and efficient. By powering critical obstetric lighting, mobile phones, and fetal heart rate monitors, health workers are equipped with “the power to save lives.”

We believe every mother has the right to safe childbirth in a clean, well-lit facility. Our international Light Every Birth campaign aims to build a coalition of government agencies, development partners, and implementing organizations to advocate for clean energy solutions to strengthen maternal-newborn care.
In 2017, we launched the Light Every Birth campaign in Liberia, calling upon governments, UN agencies, and local and international NGOs to uplift maternal-newborn care making a commitment to ensure that every public health facility has medical lighting and continuous power for safe deliveries. This is the first time that energy access has been prioritized for all health care institutions at the national level. Liberia and Uganda were the first two countries to make a commitment to Light Every Birth; now Ministry officials in Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe are seeking to become Light Every Birth partners.

As we work to light every birth in these countries, we will engage partners, influencers, and decision-makers through a global advocacy and communications campaign. Our goal is to highlight selected countries as “Models of Excellence” for electrification of maternity care – with a long-term vision of elevating the Light Every Birth campaign to a continental and global scale.

Since 2012, We Care Solar has worked closely with partners from the Ministry of Health, Doctors for Africa CUAMM, Medical Research Centre, and UNFPA to provide reliable lighting and electricity to support maternal health in Sierra Leone. To date, a total of 182 Solar Suitcases have been installed in health facilities across the country. In 2019-2020, we aim to officially launch the Light Every Birth campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and implementing partners, and install an additional 300 Solar Suitcases throughout the country.
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