Solar Installers & Technicians

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Daniel-Koroma Technician in Solar installation and maintenance and also design for small home systems.
Michael-Erben Michael is an Electrical and Solar installation technician who specializes in the planning, designing and installation of electrical and solar systems of all sizes. solar
Morie Kamara
Morie Kamara Solar and Electrical Engineering Technicians Contact: 077798755 Email:
Alfred Gbla
Alfred Gbla Solar technician who founded Radio Broadcast and Solar Technology. Involved in the Biodiversity Conservation Project for the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security. People know him as the "dark killer"! Email:, +232 76 70 26 26 solar
James Yopoi
James Yopoi Owner of a business called Kafeibu Construction and General Enterprise. Started the business 20yrs ago but got into solar 7yrs ago. Studied Solar Photo-voltaic at the Eastern Polytechnic Kenema. He is also involved in solar installations for NGOs and Private people. His recent installation is for APEX Bank, funded by IFAD to install solar system on 50 Financial Services Associations and 15 Small and Big Community Banks. Tel: 076655505 Email: solar